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Quantity surveying is a crucial discipline within the construction industry that involves managing costs and financial aspects of building projects. Coyle, Doherty & Company play a vital role in ensuring projects are effectively planned, executed, and controlled. Coyle, Doherty & Company analyse project plans, assess material requirements, calculate costs, produce accurate estimates, and monitor expenditures throughout the construction process.

Kevin Doherty


The director role is a critical and multifaceted position within an organization. As a leader, Kevin is responsible for shaping the overall vision and strategic direction of the company. He provides guidance to department heads and ensures that all teams are aligned and working towards common goals.

Chartered Quantity Surveyors
Since 2002

Eugene Coyle


Eugene is a pivotal figure in the organization, responsible for overseeing the strategic direction and operations of a specific department or the entire company. His role requires strong leadership skills, as he is tasked with making critical decisions that impact both short-term objectives and long-term goals.